What is the Culprit? Your Personality?

2010-1-29 fshell

Presumably, we are different from each other in different ways.  Besides different appearances,  people also have different personalities. Some appear to be friendly and talkative; whereas some are shy and clumsy.  Often making such comparison with folks around me, I sometimes wonder why I am what I...

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2010-1-27 fshell

不知不觉地, 我们在美国生活已几十年了.   大家中国人之间还是会用中文交流.  我们平时也看看中文报章, 看中文电视,但是这只局限于说和看.  要动手写中文的机会不是很多, 除非你是从事中文工作的人.  问题这就来了, 在这样的环景下, 如果某天我要用中文写点东西, 我会惊觉字写不出来了.  就算写出来了, 我也会觉得那字写的怪怪的, 不确定写得对不对.  现在还好, 我可用计算机帮我选字.  但总的来说写得还是比较费勁, 且常被某君拿我的中文国学冷嘲热讽的, 什为烦恼.  这也难怪, 我当年在国内没把...

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Rainy Days In Hometown(continue)

2010-1-27 fshell

* Qibei Elemantry School(旗北小学)  I stayed in that school with my father. I didn't have any pleasant experiences there. It's located in a hill. I had my early elemantry school years there. I remeber that this was the school where I learned a quite a lot of things, reciting the multiplication table, pr...

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Rainy Days In Hometown

2010-1-26 fshell

It's been decades since my last visit to my hometown after my family came to America. Living here these years, we learned, worked and survived in this part of our world. What happened in our howtown has basically become sort of 'out of sight and out of mind' things. Somehow, the rainy days this week...

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Revenge Or Seeking Justice

2010-1-11 fshell

I am fond of watching CSI(Crime Scene Investigation)-type of show on TV.  Not long ago, I watched a TV serial related to that theme in Chinese.  A policeman was stabbed to death while he was trying to stop a criminal committing a crime.   The criminal escaped. &nbs...

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