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Web-based Application - ChineseHanzi.org

This application powers the ChineseHanzi.org site.  This application is a Chinese character (Hanzi / kanji / Hanji) dictionary.  Users can look up Chinese characters to learn their meanings, pronunciations, pinyin and see their ancient seal, bronze and oracle scripts.  This application uses javascript / PHP / MySQL and runs on PHP web servers.  Click the screen shot below to run the application.  中國漢字網



Android App - 漢字/Hanzi/Hanja/Kanji


download apk for android device

Hanzi is a Chinese character's learning Tool.  You will learn more about Hanzi / Hanja / Kanji with your phone or tablet.  You will learn about a character's Pinyin, its meanings, pronunciations, calligraphy and etymology with ancient Oracle, Bronze and Seal scripts .

漢字學習工具,幫助學習漢語拼音,漢字讀音,漢字解讀,漢字翻譯,漢字書法,漢字源, 甲骨文, 鐘鼎文, 篆書




 Web-based App - FShell Store

FShell Store is a web-based ecommerce / shopping cart application.  Users can browse products online and place their orders. 

FShell Store is a javascript / PHP / MySQL web application that run on PHP web servers, such as a LAMP server.  Click here for a demo.

Click here to download the application/source code.  Be sure to read the readme.html file in the unzipped folder for instructions to install it on to your server. 


Android App - Smart Solitaire


download apk for android device

download the desktop version

download source code in c# of the desktop version

Smart Solitaire is the most easiest solitaire to play in Google Play. It's also the first solvable / winnable solitaire game in the market with the following features:

  • - tap to move card automatically -
  • - solvable / winnable deck drawing (solvable solitaire, winnable solitaire)
  • - unlimited undo
  • - possible move hints
  • - play automatically to complete moves(auto play solitaire, auto solitaire, automatic solitaire)
  • - restart the current game
  • - animation and sound effects
  • - draw 1, 2 or 3 cards
  • - various decks and a 4-color deck
  • - various card backs - left handed or right handed home stack
  • - play in portrait or landscape or auto rotation modes
  • - scores and statistics
  • - tablet playable and supported

Smart Solitaire is free (solitaire free, free solitaire), but ad-supported. 

接龙扑克 接龍撲克



Android App - App OCR



download apk for android device

App OCR is an offline OCR reader (or OCR scanner) and a language translator that helps users to extract text in images from gallery or camera in their mobile devices. Users can translate the text to other supported languages if needed. Result of the extracted text and its translation then can be shared with other apps such as gmail, gdrive, etc. that have sharing capability or online storage on the device.

OCR text recognition is done locally / offline on the device using its text recognition engine. The subsequent language translation uses online translation services which require an internet connection. OCR's accuracy of recognition is primarily determined by the quality of the text in the image. To achieve a more accurate result, please try to aim and focus your camera properly when taking the picture with text so that you have a clear text in the picture to begin with.

 App OCR supports multiple major languages including English, Chinese(simplified, traditional, Mandarin, Cantonese), Russian, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, etc.

Arcindo Lucas 2014-02-17 04:46
Good day
I installed and have used your AppOCR application that seems very interesting.
I did a scan of a text in Portuguese and I wanted to translate it into English and the translation was not made.
When I touched the settings at Manage  languages and taped in Portuguese  language it turned installed.
Was already installed the English language.
But then when I go back to the AppOCR main page, translation continues not to work.
Returning to Manage  languages I note that the Portuguese language is not installed.

Hence the question: How to fix the installation of a Language?

Please see this image captures of the screens of Manage Linguages - https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwT2ztX4xl9fWkZqRG9iRVIzNnc&usp=sharing

Best regards

Arcindo Rosa Afonso Lucas
fshell 2014-02-17 07:33
@Arcindo Lucas:Hi Arcindo,

First you need to install the Portuguese language pack.  Then scan the image that has the Portuguese on it.  If the scanning is ok, then you may translate it into English.  The scanning part can be offline, but the translation need to be online.
Arcindo Lucas 2014-02-17 04:41
Não consigo que as linguagens instaladas se mantenham instaladas após o voltar à página principal da aplicação.
qual será a solução?